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It’s week two of my unemployment adventure, and I’m still trying to grasp what I need to do in order to land that dream job (or any job for that matter). Though I am yet to discover how to do this I have certainly picked up a few tips on what NOT to do when looking for a new job.

Here we go…

Do NOT send a resume with spelling errors (especially if you’re applying to be a proofreader)! Lesson learned here: always have an editor, preferably someone who isn’t in the same career field, look over your work. These fabulous people will see things your peers may not see, and point them out to you before you can embarrass yourself.

Do NOT lose someone’s business card that you desperately need to call. One day can make or break your opportunity. Lesson learned: always have a back up location for important numbers and emails.

Do NOT send a Word document via email to a potential employer that your editor friend has saved with the “track changes” command checked. When HR opens that baby they will see nothing but edits in red and blue. To even read it they must try to turn the track changes command off… and somewhere in this process I assume they decide to not even bother. Lesson learned: send PDF files, ALWAYS.

Do NOT get discouraged. So I screwed up a few times. Lesson learned: without these silly mistakes I wouldn’t know what NOT to do… and perhaps this knowledge will make all the difference.

Now back to the grind!


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