First it was the loss of my job, then the loss of my lunch, now it was the loss of my roommate. This was a tragic event, for many reasons (not that I didn’t know it was coming)! When I moved all my things into this upper apartment in the middle of nowhere to live with one of my best friends in the whole world, we both knew it would be short lived. My job was in limbo at the time, and her graduate program started the last week of August, in New York City.  But it was the smart thing for me to do at the time, not knowing if I would still be employed I needed to conserve funds and be in a flexible situation, and then I would make some more permanent decisions come August.

So, when she got wind of an amazing job opportunity that started three weeks ahead of her scheduled move and was consequently hired within 24 hours of submitting her resume we both freaked out. First we were joyous and celebrated with poor woman’s champagne—Miller Chill. Then we panicked. Three DAYS to pack up all her stuff and get her on the road to NYC. And somewhere within our mutual panic, I had my own little heart attack. I would soon be on my own, emotionally and financially.

How does one deal with an empty apartment AND an empty bank out all in one week?

Bubble wrap.

No, seriously. We bubble wrapped everything! Her paintings, her dishes, her bed frame and even her desk. No, this was not the two of us half crazy with grief at the thought of separation, it was really the two of us banding together to prep all her items to go into storage, but still. It helped. It made me feel useful, and her feel comfortable leaving all her things here in our teeny apartment.

In the end, after all the bubble wrap was used up, she was all set to leave her things behind, and I was—though still broke and depressed—happy to see her move forward with her life and career.

As I watched her drive away through a few tears, I was inspired. To move forward with my own life and my own career.

Here’s Hoping!


About jewliweb

I used to be an interior designer, now I'm in marketing. But I have always been jewliweb.

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