This last week was uneventful, hence why I am so behind on my weekly blog post. I had a birthday, which was pretty low-key (as it should be when you’re single, unemployed, near 30 and living with your parents). And I had decided long ago to take this week off, in order to decompress, relax and celebrate (or lament about) being yet another year older.

So a week passed with little drama and absolutely no progress on the job search; however, I did find myself thinking a lot about camaraderie, as I found myself surrounded by great friends both new and old, both physical and virtual.

Being unemployed is hard. There are often feelings of shame, embarrassment, regret… etc. associated with the label. Often, when I am networking or with large groups of people also looking for work I forget these feelings. But at unexpected moments they creep into my psyche, and it is terrible.

As I was enjoying some fabulous falafel at a great Milwaukee restaurant last week, I found myself to be the only one at the table still not working. Former coworkers surrounded me. Some who had never left the company, some that left willingly and moved on to bigger and better things, and one who, like myself, is still looking for work. But she, unlike me, is working part-time, as a designer. She is out there. She is getting a paycheck.  I love my friends and would be lost without them, but those moments are difficult. And in those moments I turn to…blogs.

No seriously folks, I do. I read the testimonials of other people out there, people who appear  talented, capable, and smart. Each day I discover someone else who is going through this recession “with” me.

Last week, I enjoyed the company of wonderful long-time friends as we celebrated my birthday. And I also enjoyed the company of wonderful “virtual” friends who, though unknowingly, help me on a daily basis through this whole ugly process of searching, applying, recovering from rejection and grasping at straws.

So, thank you to all.


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I used to be an interior designer, now I'm in marketing. But I have always been jewliweb.

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  1. Melissa says:

    This post reminded me of one that Rodney had found during his layoff this year.

    The author of that post is a 51-year-old man, but he talks about his experiences with being unemployed.

    Sending good thoughts your way…

  2. Jayne says:

    I understand your feelings. I have similar experiences and situations including the occasional 4:00am anxiety attack in which I’m convinced that I’m the only person “out there” in this situation. I appreciate your bravery and courage in being able to express your feelings openly on your blog. I also want to tell you that I am grateful for your post, even though I know that it was probably not pleasant for you to write it, however, you did, and now, I don’t feel so “alone.” So even in your low moments, please know that you are helping others just by sharing your thoughts and feelings.

    Believing in you and your strength!

  3. Nick Nutter says:

    I definitely hear what you’re talking about. I can’t even buy a dishwashing job right now (and I have 5 years experience!). And a lot of my friends have had to move back in with their parents. (I can think of three in Hartland alone.) Times are hard.
    But you do have an excellent point. A support network is an incredible (and incredibly important) thing to have. I don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for friends and family. Keep your head up, girl. Things will get better.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday! (Better late than never…)

    (P.P.S.: I saw that subliminal smiley face at the bottom of the page. Nice. 🙂 )

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