View from the 16th floor

This is the view from the balcony of my friend’s high-rise apartment building. Need I say more? No? Well, I will anyway. This apartment is paid for, fully furnished and in MIAMI. It’s provided as part of a fellowship program in which the participants travel around the country working on various projects and learning about the company they work for.

So while I live here:

My bedroom

The fellows live here:

South Beach

Again… need I say more?

I think no one (especially my parents or high school guidance counselors) ever looked at my high school report card. Had they ever done so, they would have noticed an A in chemistry, an A in physics, and an A in pre-calculus. Perhaps these grades would have indicated an aptitude for engineering? I don’t know. I suppose the A+ in Advanced Placement English and Art History may have overshadowed my math and science classes. And shit… would I have listened to anyone at that point in my life anyway? I had wanted to be an artist since I was six years old, remember?

Alas, we cannot dwell on the past (though I was doing so the entire weekend and still am at this very moment). I have decided to try and focus on what’s ahead. My weekend in Florida was refreshing and stimulating and certainly has me contemplating my future… as an ENGINEER. Just kidding (sort of).

Some final reflections:

Perhaps a Southern relocation is in order. I mean, 84 degrees in November, with sun on your back and the Ocean at your feet. Wow. Does it get better than that?

I really love to travel. Anyone who knows me, know this, but each time I visit a new place I am reminded of its importance in my life. And I can’t travel without money. And I can’t make money without a JOB. But why not find a job (like my engineering friends) that will allow me to travel?

I discovered that Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the funniest show ever (this new-found favorite is thanks to a four hour marathon Sunday night). AND I’m in love with Charlie.

Everyone must experience the drive from Miami to Key West at least once in their lifetime. It’s the most beautiful three hours in a car you can ask for (if you’re not crammed in the back seat of a micro van, that is).

Okay, enough of my random thoughts on the awesomeness of Florida. What I have learned this week is that, perhaps I need to think bigger when it comes to making my next career move. Or go back to school for the third time…


About jewliweb

I used to be an interior designer, now I'm in marketing. But I have always been jewliweb.

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  1. Tracy says:

    We all should think bigger! I love your writing!

  2. Eco Green says:

    I like how your blog is laid out. I have bookmark this and look forward to see more.

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