It’s the coldest month of the year in Wisconsin, and I’m already feeling like I have cabin fever. Normally this “illness” starts later in the year, but due to my lack of employment, lack of money, and lack of personal space it has hit me hard. So, amidst planning what I hope is a non-imaginary trip to Hawaii in March, I tried to find some fun and inexpensive activities I could put on my (and your) to-do list for the rest of winter. Here is what I came up with:

1. Free cross-country ski rental and lessons are held every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm at Lapham Peak State Park. Not that I WANT to be out in this frigid weather anymore than necessary, but it is something new, different, fun and FREE to try. Once I actually do so, I’ll let you know how it goes.

2. Attend Iron cupcake Milwaukee. This is a competition I had heard rumblings about several months ago and never really researched until this past week. For $7.00 you can get in the door to taste and judge a variety of mini-cupcakes baked around a certain ingredient that changes every month. This month’s ingredient is BACON. Now, since I’m a vegetarian, I suppose I will have to wait another month to attend, but for all you bacon lovers out there February 15 is your special day! For more information:

3. Join the Café Centraal Beer club. Not only is this a fun activity for those of us who love beer and like to drink (pretty much everyone in this city), but also it’s cheap. On Wednesday nights there is half priced tap beers for any beer club cardholder as well as free appetizers such as cheese, bread, dip and veggies. As you sample all the beers Café Centraal has to offer, you can win prizes. I have been a member since this summer and haven’t gotten very far on my list. I hope to change that very soon!

4. Take a tour of Growing Power, an organization that is gaining huge recognition as a leader in urban farming. For $10.00, the jaunt through their greenhouses will warm you up and their mission will inspire you.

5. Sign up for the Marcus Theatres Spotlight Movie Club. They will email you when there are special features offered on Wednesday and Thursday nights that you can see for $5.00.

6. Go see some art! If you are a Milwaukee County resident you can get into the Art Museum for free on Wednesdays.

7. Go see a play at the Milwaukee Rep. If you are under 40 you get a special discount (I think this is to encourage younger people to embrace live theater, but I still find it funny). The price and available seating for this discount is different for each play but in the past the price has usually been around $10.00 – $15.00

8. Warm up with a run around the track at the Petit National Ice center. Now, I hate running, however this is a great idea for those of you who want to get fit, can’t afford a gym membership, and don’t want to do any outdoor winter sports. The cost is just $4.00 for a day. If you would rather go ice skating, then fork up $7.00 bucks and you’re all set!

So, these are my findings, my dear fellow Wisconsinites. For those of you in far away warmer places, perhaps you could volunteer your home as a retreat for us weary, jobless, cold-weather dwellers? If not, now you know of some interesting things to do here in our fine city.

I welcome more ideas from my readers, as always!


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