This week, in order to give myself a post-illness/rejection pick-me-up, I decided to go out and literally pound the pavement by applying for a number of odd jobs. So, I recruited a fellow job seeker, the lovely and talented Shannon Cooper, and we hit up several coffee shops, books stores, a grocery store, a home décor establishment and a clothing store.

Now, that’s a lot of applications to fill out, and as I plowed through each one with my ever-trusted Sharpie pen, I couldn’t help but feel slightly… refreshed.

The good ‘ol fashioned job application is so simple!

  • List where you worked and what you did.
  • List where you went to school and if you graduated.
  • List some references.
  • Let them know if you are a citizen or if you’ve been convicted of a crime (I especially like this part because it makes me feel better about my chances when I answer)
  • Answer a few questions like, “why do you want to work here,” or “what kind of music do you listen to?”

There is no shock and awe necessary! With a standard application everyone is on the same playing field. I was not required to dazzle anyone with my format, my list of skills and qualifications or my appropriate use of active verbs. All I had to do was tell the truth. It was lovely!


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I used to be an interior designer, now I'm in marketing. But I have always been jewliweb.

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