I’m sure many of you have already heard or read the statements made by Former House Majority Leader, Tom Delay, regarding the possible extension of unemployment benefits. However, if not, it’s summarized well here: www.huffingtonpost.com

As a hard working, unemployed individual, this obviously had me a bit fired up. And I was not the only one. Instead of lamenting about it here, I’m going to share an article (I was honored to be asked to contribute my own thoughts on the subject) written by fellow blogger, Unemployed Brooklyn (Briana Campbell).

Through the blogosphere, she and I become aware of one another about six or seven months ago. It has been comforting and also inspiring to read about her journey. She started her blog(s), created an Etsy shop, appeared on the Martha Stewart show and organized a local Brooklyn based networking event that looked like a fabulous time (amongst many other accomplishments).

I think it’s because I know how hard I work at finding a job, how hard she has worked, and how hard all the people I have met through this experience are working every day to find employment, that I am so offended and disturbed by the words of Tom Delay.

Read Briana’s article here: jobs.aol.com


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I used to be an interior designer, now I'm in marketing. But I have always been jewliweb.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I don’t blame you for being offended and disturbed. Though my husband’s job loss is behind my family, DeLay’s assumption offends everyone who has been a victim of the economy.

    It’s amazing how people who have never experienced something feel that they can speak as if they are an authority on the subject.

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