I realize I’m already three weeks behind on my posts this month, my excuse being that I decided, after 40 long weeks of unemployment, to take on two part-time jobs. Yes, it was a wee bit crazy to go from not working at all to working 55 hours a week, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to say no to either opportunity. And so, I guess, I’m officially “employed.”

Over the last 40 weeks (which also happens to be the gestation period for a human, in case you were wondering) I have taken some major steps backwards, forwards and sideways… in a way I feel like I have emerged from the “womb” of unemployment a new person. I’m working in a new field (marketing for education). I’m much more humble. I’m pretty poor… but I’m grateful for what I do have left. I have about 100 new friends and contacts all over the state and country. I’ve learned that I’m not alone. And I’m finding new ways to be creative every day, because I’m no longer an interior designer by trade (though side jobs keep coming along).

It has really been a life-changing thing, losing my job and trying to find another one in this economy, in this particular time in American history. This is quite possibly the hardest task I have tried to accomplish thus far in my life.

Though I may be WORKING (an awful lot, at that), and I’ve finally broken into a new field that I want to grow within, this blog cannot go away just yet.

In essence, my journey has only just begun. One year ago I had a salary, a career, bonuses, healthcare, and my own place… I still don’t have that security back. Perhaps I never will. I need to adjust to a new profession and a new life, for I’m no longer a cubicle builder.I have an entire industry to master (which I know I can), I have many new people to get to know, job duties I have to learn and practice. I have goals to set (see week 27). I have a life to live…

This said, due to my insanely busy schedule, I won’t be posting every single week anymore and I will be trying to feature guest bloggers on a regular basis. There are other creatives out there with great advice and experiences to share. I think it’s important that the “unemployed interior designers” of the world still have a voice here. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


About jewliweb

I used to be an interior designer, now I'm in marketing. But I have always been jewliweb.

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