My latest and greatest blog for is a reflection on some great ways to save energy on a corporate level. Thought I would share!


Looking for ideas on how to save big bucks on energy costs? Look no further than Buildings Magazine. In the September issue, their staff member, Kylie Wroblaski shares 31 “Expense Slashing Solutions” for your building, that not only save money, but also….

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Here are a few standouts from the article, (and we are proud to say, Spacesaver’s innovative heating controls retrofit is among them):

Innovations in Cleaning. State Farm Insurance uses a combination of daytime and cooperative cleaning to save as much as 27% on cleaning costs and 8% on lighting costs each year.

“The program includes cleaning the high profile areas before the building opens each morning,” says Steven Spencer, facilities specialist in State Farm’s Facilities Management Department. After the building is open, the restrooms are cleaned continually while break areas, entryways, and conference rooms are cleaned on a set schedule and with high-productivity equipment. In addition, “employees take their food waste to a collection area daily and additional trash can be disposed of when they deem necessary.”


Read the full blog here.


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