It’s crazy to think that two years ago, during this very week, I lost my job as an interior designer. I went to NeoCon that week anway, due to a previous commitment to see Dane Cook (very important, I know). You can read all about my experience here: To be or not to be at NeoCon 2009.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with Neocon. It’s a blast. You get to see so many new and innovative products. The parties are killer, and the cocktails are free and abundant. There are lunches and dinners at fantastic Chicago restaurants, and late nights at Hang Ups. But it’s exhausting. You need to bring extra shoes, so your feet don’t give out on day one. People crowd the halls of the mart, so much so that you can hardly walk, and the line for the elevators is so long you usually end up climbing 11 flights of stairs out of desperation. By the end of two days I never want to see the mart again.

But, the next year roles around and I am just as excited to attend as the year prior.

Last year was the first time in six years that I did not attend. I was unemployed. I was unsure of my industry-to-be. I thought maybe I would never get to NeoCon again.

Well, it turns out I will be back! This year I am heading to NeoCon not just as an attendee, but as an exhibitor. This year I will be working in the Spacesaver showroom, explaining products, and giving away t-shirts (if you want one, click here). I have spent the last six months planning, promoting and stressing about the show.

New products, check.

New graphics, check.

Showroom painted, check.

Event planned, check.

In years past I have spent my time at NeoCon doing competitive research, attending events with reps, and usually partaking in some libations. This year I will be the one inviting and entertaining guests at our event. I will be capturing leads, I will be on the showroom floor standing in ONE PLACE most of the week. EEK.

Despite the changes, despite the stress around managing this show, I am thrilled to be back. NeoCon not only marks the two year anniversary of the biggest life changing event of my little life so far, but it marks my return to the industry! I’m back! I am working in a field where Neocon remains a part of my career. I am excited, and my love for NeoCon has returned.

If you’re curious about what I have been working on in preparation for the show, click here.


About jewliweb

I used to be an interior designer, now I'm in marketing. But I have always been jewliweb.

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  1. Aga says:

    Nice post Julie. Looking forward to see you at the Mart….

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