After every NeoCon I go through the process of adding all the new bags I accumulated at the show to my existing stash. Some get sorted into the “grocery” category. Some are hung in the coat closet to use for beach going, weekend trips or carting large items to work.

I have such a great collection of bags from attending NeoCon for the last seven years, that I though it would be fun to rate them.

The top 10 NeoCon bags of ALL TIME:

#10: Momentum bag, 2008.

Great pattern. Could be used to carry file folders, swatches and sketch paper. Not really large enough for groceries or sturdy enough for a lap top, but shoulder worthy for sure!

#9: OFS Bag, circa 2005.

Made from plastic, this bag can withstand wet towels, leaky pens, or heavy metal tile samples (yes, I have put this bag through hell and back).

#8 and #7 AIS bags. 2008 and 2011.

AIS has been making this cute bag for several years now. I only have two, but I think they have four or five versions and colors. This bag is perfect for beach or picnic days. It is vinyl and easily washable, and sturdy enough to stand upright. The blue one has sun block stored inside from last summer, eagerly awaiting future use. (Come on Wisconsin weather… it’s June)!

#6: J+J/Invision bag 2011

Though new to me this year, I’m already in love. This bag is perfect for groceries! With the large handle and thicker fabric, I am able to leave the store with only one bag slung over my shoulder. Great for lugging goods up to my second floor apartment!

#5: Safco, 2011

Another newbie this year, this bag is also perfect for groceries, but with the added versatility of a more durable material. I think this could be a beach goer as well.

#4 and #3: Dirtt bags from 2006 and 2007

Like AIS, Dirtt made more than just these two colors over the last few years. These really are the ultimate multi-functional bag. Groceries, check! Beach bag, check! Small and light, but with a lengthy and sturdy handle, check! Durable and easy to clean, check! They also have great inner pockets for smaller items.

#2: Neutral Posture 2011

New this year, this bag has already made it to the number two spot for three reasons.

1. The fabric is thick, shiny and easy to clean (not to mention a beautiful shade of blue).

2. It has a zipper!

3. It has all the qualities of the #1 ranking NeoCon bag of ALL TIME! (drum roll, please)!

#1: Shaw, circa 2008 (2007)?

I am so in love with this bag I can’t even remember which NeoCon it came from. This bag has been to NYC, Atlanta, Chiacgo… etc. It is the perfect weekend trip bag. It is also great for the beach. It could be used for groceries. The canvas material is able to withstand heavy use. Not as cleanable at bag #2, however it seems able to withstand any plane, train, sandy beach or dirty closet. I heart this bag.

For it’s ultimate versatility, zipper, perfect size and shape this bag is ranked the #1 NeoCon bag of all time!!!!


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  1. Aga says:

    Good post. I was going to do the same thing…review all the bags I got this year, and few years back..Maybe we can compare notes 🙂 BTW, I too love the Shaw bag…Awesomeness!

  2. Sarah Chandler says:

    I have family and friends who can’t wait for me to come back from NeoCon with new bags for them. My favorite part is the smile on their faces.

  3. Thanks for including our bag from this year. Great seeing you at Neo Con.

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