Well, let’s see… Last time I wrote I was not in a very good place. I was being “nicely” asked to move out of my living situation (while not really given any alternatives), unemployed and facing no further extension of my unemployment. Suffice to say I was really panicky, angry and somewhat resentful that I was being put in this position. I am sure I had just been rejected from another few jobs, adding to the growing pile of no’s I’ve received over the past year and a half and only making the situation oh-so-much better…. (note the sarcasm).

 In fact, I know I had been rejected yet again, which still baffles me, if I can be honest. I had applied for a position with a government agency, one that completely suited my background, education and desired career field. The volunteer coordinator with the District Attorney’s office wrote me a really amazing letter of recommendation that she submitted by email as well as regular ol’ snail mail. I was called for an interview, went prepared with great questions and felt like I had knocked that one out of the park…

… Until I received rejection letters for the 2 positions they were hiring for. Something about someone with closer qualifications for the job. Hm, ok. Heard that one a few bazillion times…

Well, the search hasn’t ended quite yet. Still applying, still searching every day. I have, since the April post, started working for an area restaurant doing catering deliveries, which at least provides some extra money for gas, groceries and other incidentals. It gives me something to do almost every day, other than pour over job listings. In some strange twist of fate, I received a letter saying I have another extension of my unemployment available, so at least I can contribute my portion of rent – thus avoiding living in a cardboard box, which I was starting to think was going to be my only option. (Oh, yeah, I found a place – a GREAT place – closer to Milwaukee and within Milwaukee County to help with being able to apply for county jobs. Everything about it is working out really great, including the whole ‘living with the boyfriend’ part).

 So, as usual, I face this icky situation and just when it seems like there are no other options, something works out and I muddle through. I like to think I’m resilient this way, somehow. At least I have that going for me… now to get some employer to jump on the bandwagon as well.

~Kristin Raymond



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I used to be an interior designer, now I'm in marketing. But I have always been jewliweb.

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  1. jewliweb says:

    Thanks again for sharing your story with us!

  2. missdisplaced says:

    Hi Kristin,

    When you hear “someone with closer qualifications” lately it almost always means that it was 1)someone they knew or 2)someone that already worked there.

    This kills me as well because you wonder why they even bother to advertise the position or interview anybody else.

  3. @missdisplaced: Yeah, I figured as much, and I agree it is a very frustrating thing to hear. If you’re only having people in to interview to “follow procedure” or make things “legit” then I wonder if I really want to work for that agency or company anyway. Doesn’t make it any less aggravating, though…

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