There has been much happening in my work life these days, which I intend to share when I have some time and ability to put it down on paper, but for now I am happy to share the latest guest blog from Kristin Raymond! Read and be inspired!!! And CONGRATULATIONS KRISTIN!


Guest blog by Kristin Raymond

I got a job!!! Finally, after one year, 8 months, and 18 days of being unemployed…

Work is amazing, and has also made me incredibly busy. I got out of practice with the whole “40 hour work week, get your other life stuff done whenever you can” routine. Making lunch the night before, figuring out what I’m going to wear the next day, heading to bed much earlier, and the morning making sure I remember everything before I leave checklist. But I wouldn’t give it up for the alternative of having nothing going on and sitting around all day.

I was hired on as a “temporary” advocate, to fill the spot left by a long-term medical leave. But I’ve come to understand that it might not be so temporary… and the fact I was able to sign up for benefits kind of validates that suspicion. In either case, the woman that hired me has wanted me to work in the office for quite awhile but was never able to get it all figured out. Moving into the county as we did back in June allowed her to get me in finally. And she basically told me that if the woman that is out on medical leave would come back for some reason, she would either be put somewhere else, or they would move me somewhere else, but I wouldn’t be completely let go. I appreciate SO much what she has done to help me get in the door, it’s refreshing to have someone actually HELPING you get a job, instead of making it impossible to do so.

I love my job. It is going to be intense some days – but it is crisis response, after all. The job description is a bit schizophrenic; we do a lot of different things as needed — responding to crime scenes to handle the families of victims, the victims themselves when not needed for statements for the police, and just handling general scene triage. Keeping people informed, finding out what the police or emergency personnel need, etc. If it is determined we don’t really need to be at the scene but maybe a day or two later the family has some questions, we are the information source for them. We make cold calls to victims based on the police reports we receive each morning, seeing how they’re doing, if they have any questions, concerns, if there is anything we can do to help. And then we have the office portion of the job – data entry, statistic generation, keeping track of paperwork for reports to the grant we are partially funded through. I am in a unique position where I’m not just filling someone else’s shoes but helping to restructure the position as well. There used to be more funding available and there were 5 people doing what I’m now doing; over time it went down to one person, and now we’re able to have two again. I’ll be working days 8a-5pm and my coworker will be handling the 3pm-midnight shift.

It feels really good to be able to provide that kind of service to a population that traditionally is not well served, or to those who just don’t know where to go for information.

Each day brings something new, training, learning more about the area and becoming more settled. Good stuff.  🙂


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  1. Aga says:

    Congratulations, Kristin. Job search may be exhausting, but with enough perseverance…one can succeed.

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