Whitepaper: Space Planning Considerations for Library Repurposing

Library repurposing involves creating space on-site for new functions without eliminating the collections that need to be accessed on a daily basis by staff and patrons. The next step in your process is to determine how to do so. In this paper we will discuss how high-density mobile storage can relieve space pressure by maximizing space efficiency in collection areas, how off-site storage can free up even more space onsite, and lastly, how sustainable design initiatives can be achieved through the use of smart storage solutions.

White Paper: Storing Biological Evidence

It is clear that preserving biological evidence has become more important today than it was ever before due to advances in DNA testing. Biological evidence can make or break any case, but there are several significant challenges to properly storing any type of biological evidence for a lengthy or indefinite amount if time.

Case Study: St. Louis Central Library

Areas that have become essential to a library’s success as a community resource, like computer labs, ten spaces and even meeting rooms, were missing from St. Louis Central. With so many challenges to overcome, the St. Louis Central Library integrated many different shelving solutions into their renovation project in order to open up space for repurposing and create a sleek, modern appearance in the historic building.

Case Study: St. Mary’s Hospital

The CoreSTOR® Patient Server Supports the Implementation of Single Occupancy Rooms at St. Mary’s hospital.

Case Study: Anacostia Public Library

Anacostia Library Case Study: Sustainable Stacks.  Spacesaver® Cantilever shelving helps support the LEED® certification goal of Anacostia Public Library in the District of Columbia.

Brochure: Corporate Sustainability

Spacesaver creates products that inspire smarter, more responsible uses of space. But sustainability encompasses more than just creating quality products. It is a commitment to protect and give back to our local and global community through environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and corporate stewardship. At Spacesaver Corporation we respect the environment and strive to preserve the availability of natural resources for future generations. We don’t just create space-saving solutions; we create space to breathe.



Builder’s Journal Northwest Wisconsin Edition:

“We are the premier construction magazine that services local markets across the country. Each month The Builder’s Journal features a local builder on the cover someone from across the street not across the country. Whether a colleague or a competitor the feature story is a compelling read. In addition each issue includes product and technology highlights, coverage of local and national trade events, and tips to help local contractors better manage their business. More importantly, each issue of the Builders Journal is read and kept by virtually every contractor, architect and tradesman in each of our markets.”

Rombach Brothers Construction: No Job Too Big or Too Small

Hoefs Construction, LLC: Quality Speaks for Itself

Plinth & Chintz Online Newsletter:
“Our Mission: To bridge the gap between the student / educational community and the professional / manufacturer community of the interior design world, and not to die of boredom while we do it.”

Don’t Embarrass Yourself: Important Etiquette Tips for Everyone

Big Green Dreams: Part 1 – Small Efforts; Part 2 – Small Budget & Part 3 – Little Victories; Part 4 – Real Progress

“Going Green” Sustainability Newsletter:
Developed by the Forrer Business Interiors green team in order to raise internal awareness of sustainable practices, upcoming events and environmental issues and initiatives.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Volume 1, Issue 2

Volume 1, Issue 3

Spacesaver Blog Appearances:

Spacesaver® Goes GREENGUARD®!

Memories from a Night at the Museum

I Heart NeoCon

Preventing Infectious Disease with the CoreSTOR™ Patient Server

BIM Software and the Integrative Design Approach

Green your Spacesaver Mobile System with LED!

Designer Chic High-Density Mobile Shelving

Save Energy and Save the Space!

Reflections on the Biosphere

InPro Corporation Blog Appearances:

There’s only one battle football fans should know about!

ARCHES Newspaper:
“ARCHES focuses on news and events of interest to the Mount Mary student body. Articles have included national, metropolitan, local and college news and features. ARCHES operates as a learning lab for English Professional Writing majors and minors. However, all students interested in writing, photography, and page design can join the ARCHES staff. ARCHES is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press and the Wisconsin Newspaper Association. The Associated Collegiate Press has awarded the newspaper First Class status. The paper has also won a number of design awards and Associated Collegiate Press Marks of Distinction.”

What will you elect to do?

Mount Mary caters to nontraditional students


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